About NahidRains

The Film Company of Chittagong

Nahid Helal is actually NahidRains’s real name. Somehow Nahid Helal became widely famous as NahidRains because of his Rains Pictures & Production companies. Internationally NahidRains is the name people look for to find Rains Pictures’ productions.

NahidRains started his career as a Civil Engineer. Basically, he studied Civil Engineering in Australia and later when he finished his graduation, he actually chose the new pathway of Filming world. Film-making & Cinematography has been his serious passion since he was young and he has been involved to this industry since he was 18 years old. Now, he became a Creative Director who has been going to film festivals, awards and the rest.

NahidRains is the first creative director who introduced High Definition technologies and special effects in Bangladeshi Creative Media in 2005 ago through YouTube but it made him quite popular among the Bangladeshi audiences. Moreover, NahidRains is mostly famous in the International market specially Australian, Taiwanese & Korean Media. He also successfully entered in the Entertainment market in Europe and USA as well with his creative productions. He has been featured in many International Magazines like Studio Vox, Asia Image and many more. He is also a regular reviewer of many Film Technology Related companies like Blackmagic Design Cameras or Rode or DJI.

NahidRains is also the founder and president of Bangladesh’s very popular online project “Bangladeshism” which is one of the most reputed online project with a follower base over million people. Bangladeshism Project is the direct reflection of NahidRains’s thoughts and social works. Apart from this, he is also the creator and founder of country’s first Freelance Writing Platform – Footprint.press where young people can earn money online by freelance writing. Below are the organizations that he has created so far and currently managing it:

  • NahidRains Pictures International
  • Bangladeshism Project
  • Bangladeshism Technologies
  • NRP Technologies
  • Footprint.press
  • Royal Orchid Communications