Bangladeshism has rebranded to NahidRains Pictures

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Bangladeshism has rebranded to NahidRains Pictures

May 17, 2019 Branding 0

Bangladeshism has rebranded to NahidRains Pictures

The Bangladeshism Project (Facebook Page: which is a sister concern of NahidRains (Facebook Page: will be merging soon with all our contents and activities. We have already merged our YouTube Channels into NahidRains as well ( which was basically deleting the channel for Bangladeshism Project.

The decision came directly from the CEO of NahidRains Pictures Mr. Nahid M Helal who is known as NahidRains publicly in Bangladesh. NahidRains have been an renown Independent Film Maker and Content Creator for a long time and we have been very active on the Facebook for the past 10 years or so. In order to spread our contents related to various social concerns we created the Facebook Page called “Bangladeshism” that gained enormous popularity. Along with time, we have been getting maturer in making contents and also at the same time, since we have big follower base, things have been getting hard to maintain multiple pages. As you already know, both in NahidRains & Bangladeshism’s Facebook pages, the contents are the same made by NahidRains exclusively. But it became a bit hard to maintain multiple pages. Therefore, we have decided (if possible and allowed by Facebook) we will merge both pages into one which means, the page “Bangladeshism” will merge into “NahidRains” pages on Facebook and will be known as NahidRains. Our content will remain the same as it has been always as usual and will be made by NahidRains himself. None of our weekly videos or schedule will be changed as well. The company Website will remain the same as and our contact details will remain the same as well. The physical Location for both the pages is actually the same which is NRP Business Center, Chittagong, Bangladesh and will remain the same after the merger.

If any of our followers have any confusion, please feel free to contact us at or alternatively you can contact us through our main facebook page which is

We hope to entertain you with much better videos and content in the future and we hope this merger will bring us more positive feedback and happier audience.


Thank You!
Nahid M Helal
NahidRains Pictures

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